Interview Crash Course

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Interview Crash Course


Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience, but with the right preparation, you can increase your chances of landing the job you want. This crash course will provide you with some key tips and strategies to help you ace your next interview.

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Module 1
Introduction to the Interview Process:
  • Understanding the purpose and types of interviews
  • Preparing for an interview: research and self-assessment
  • common interview questions and best practices for answering them
  • Dressing for success and nonverbal communication during the interview
Module 2
Behavioral Interviewing Techniques:
  • Understanding what employers are looking for in behavioral interviews
  • Preparing for a behavioral interview
  • Using the STAR method to answer behavioral questions
  • Providing specific examples to showcase skills and experience
Module 3
Phone and Video Interviews:
  • Preparing for phone and video interviews
  • Setting up your technology and environment for success
  • Best practices for phone and video interviews
  • Nonverbal communication in video interviews
Module 4
Handling Difficult Interview Situations:
  • Addressing employment gaps, job hopping, or other challenging situations
  • Responding to tough questions about salary, career goals, or conflicts with coworkers
  • Dealing with nerves or anxiety during the interview
  • Following up after the interview and post-interview etiquette
Module 5
Negotiating Job Offers:
  • Understanding the components of a job offer
  • Assessing the value of the offer and determining your priorities
  • Strategies for negotiating salary and benefits
  • Accepting or declining a job offer
Module 6
Mock Interviews and Feedback:
  • Conducting mock interviews to practice and receive feedback
  • Identifying areas for improvement and developing a plan for future interviews
  • Analyzing feedback from previous interviews and applying lessons learned to future interviews
  • Final tips and strategies for success in the interview process.

Entry Qualification

  • Candidates will be admitted on the basis of interviews and / or group discussions.
  • 20% of the total seats will be reserved for SC, ST and OBC candidates.If the reserved seats are not filled within the specified period, the vacant seats will be offered to the general candidates.

Course Features

Industry Experienced Trainer
4.9 (Google Review)
Study Mode
Offline & Online
6 month
English, Bengali, Hindi
100% Job Assistance
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